You need to start your SOS Alerts to activate it. If you are purchasing via the Shop or online, you can choose to start your SOS Alerts now. If you have already bought it or received it as a Voucher, you’ll need to claim your SOS Alerts Voucher and then activate the service.

To activate your SOS Alerts, you will need to nominate at least one emergency contact and confirm whether you are travelling or not. If you are travelling, you’ll need to enter trip details so that we can send you alerts for your upcoming trips.


You can always add more trips and additional emergency contacts in the SOS Alert Settings on your App.    

SOS Alerts Vouchers allow you to pre-purchase the SOS Alerts but start it later. You can purchase SOS Alerts for your friends, family and colleagues.


Purchase the SOS Alerts online at www.Chubb or on the Shop in the App. If you would like to share it with your friends and family, you can share the Voucher Code with them. They will need to create a Chubb Connect Account and can claim the Voucher by using the Voucher Code on the My SOS Alerts Page.    

If you are not planning on using your SOS Alerts yet, you can purchase the pass as a Voucher and claim it within 30 days.


However, if you are departing for your travels soon, or would like to start getting notifications immediately, you should start your SOS Alerts immediately. You will have to activate your SOS Alerts when you want it to start.    

You can buy SOS Alerts online at or on the Shop in the App.


If you are not planning on using your SOS Alerts yet, you can purchase the pass as a voucher and claim it within 30 days.    

If you switch Location Services off on your App, we cannot locate you in an emergency. We will use your last known location to determine whether or not you are in an Emergency Impact Zone.


We base your location off your GPS location so it is important that you are online and have your Location switched on when using SOS Alerts.    

If you do not receive notifications, you should first check that you have enabled your device to receive push notifications. This can be found in your phone settings > going to Chubb Connect  App and enable the push notifications.


If you have enabled push notifications but you’re still not receiving alerts, it may be due to the countries you have chosen to receive notifications for. You can manage these countries by opening the Chubb Connect App, going to Settings and SOS Alerts Settings. You can add as many countries as you’d like or select “all countries”.


Please note: some countries may not have any events happening. If you have chosen less than five countries and are not receiving notifications, it is likely that these countries have not had a recent alert. To check all alerts, simply check the SOS Alerts board or Map.    
When you mark yourself as Safe, SOS or if you don’t respond to our Emergency Alert, we will notify your nominated contacts. We will only notify the contacts which you have allowed for each event. Make sure you set a response for each emergency contact if you would like for them to receive a notification of your status.    

 If your current location or last known location is within the impact zone of an emergency event, we will notify you immediately. We will send you an SMS, email and will require you to respond within the App.


You will be able to mark yourself as Safe or SOS and we will send your nominated emergency contacts your safety status. If you haven’t responded to the emergency notice, we will send your nominated contacts a message to let them know you haven’t responded.


Please note: If you are in an emergency, in immediate danger or in need of medical or urgent help, contact the local emergency services.

You will find the local emergency phone numbers on the Chubb Connect App.    

The Emergency Impact Zone is determined by Chubb Connect and is assessed on the individual incident. We receive emergency incident information from a variety of sources and will determine the area of impact. If you are within this area, you will be notified and you will be asked to provide a response.


It is possible outdated location data may be related to Chubb Connect resulting in alerts for an area you are no longer in or near. As a precaution you will be notified based on your last known location. Please make sure you always respond to Emergency Impact Zone messages as soon as you see them to ensure your safety status is known at all times.    

If you are in the Emergency Impact Zone, we will notify your selected emergency contacts via SMS and email. You must enable this contact to receive the emergency notifications when you set them up.


You can also choose to send your contacts your current or last known location.    

Emergency Contacts are exclusive to SOS Alerts account holders. You must activate your SOS Alerts before you can nominate your contacts. When you purchase SOS Alerts, you can choose to start this feature now or purchase the product as a Voucher to start it later.


If you have purchased the SOS Alerts to Start Now, you will be prompted to activate your features after your payment is processed.


If you have a Voucher, you’ll be prompted to activate your features when the Voucher has been claimed. You must nominate at least one contact in the SOS activation step.


You can also add up to four additional emergency contacts in the SOS Alert Settings.    

Chubb Connect has two types of SOS Alerts. Impact Zone Emergency Alerts represent a major emergency incident in your vicinity. We may send you an Impact Zone Emergency Alert for severity Level 3 and Level 4 incidents based on your current location or last known location.


These differ from Subscribed Alerts, which identify incidents in the country or broader area you are visiting or may be planning to visit, according to your preferences. You can save your subscribed SOS Alert preferences in the Settings of your App.


With your SOS Alerts, you will be able to notify your emergency contacts of your safety status if you receive an Impact Zone Emergency Alert.    

The alerts you see on your Alerts Board and Map can be directly controlled by the Sort and Filter controls. Alerts are available for 30 days and you can view these alerts for free on the Chubb Connect App and website.


You can also subscribe to alerts for your mobile phone as notifications. You will need to save your alerts preferences and subscribe to countries to receive these alerts. Open your Chubb Connect App, go to SOS Settings and select the countries you would like to subscribe to.


You will get push notifications for these alerts and you can also view these alerts in your Alerts Inbox on your mobile App.    

You can only use one device per account. If you sign in to your Chubb Connect Account on multiple devices, the location data that we receive from you may be inaccurate and this may prevent some of the features for your SOS Alerts to function.


Please do not sign in to multiple devices with SOS Alerts installed.    

Chubb Connect classifies the severity of incidents based on 4 levels.


Level 1: Information

These low severity events mainly include informative notices and planned or scheduled events such as a national holiday. These events are not a danger to you but may affect your travel.


Level 2: Advisory

Level 2 incidents are minor events which are general advice. We believe you should be aware of these events and can make informed decisions on your travel plans. You may also wish to monitor these events for further updates.


Level 3: Warning

These are major incidents which may escalate into an emergency situation. The severity of Level 3 incidents is high and it is important that you stay informed with regular updates. We advise that you avoid the area and take extra precautions. These incidents may affect your travel and we may send you an Impact Zone Emergency Alert for Level 3 incidents if you are in the direct area.


Level 4: Emergency

A Level 4 emergency is a major incident which may cause injury, loss of life or major destruction. It is a high severity incident and we advise that you avoid the area. You should keep yourself updated on this incident and seek assistance and instructions from local authorities where necessary.


You should wait until the emergency event has completely ceased before attempting to return to the area. If you are in the Impact Zone of a Level 4 Emergency, you will receive an SOS Emergency Alert. If you have SOS Alerts , you will need to respond to the alert.


Should you need any emergency assistance and/or urgent medical help, you must contact the local emergency services (police, fire and ambulance) in the area. You can view a list of local emergency services phone numbers on the Chubb Connect App under Help & Support.    

Chubb Connect SOS Alerts is a safety service provided United Networks and Chubb Travel Insurance to keep you informed and updated on significant events happening which may affect your safety or disrupt your travels.


You will receive SOS Alerts complimentary with your travel insurance policy. With SOS Alerts, you are able to:

·       Assign Nominated Emergency Contacts

      Easily alert emergency contacts of your safety status if you are in the Emergency Impact Zones

      Customise messages for your emergency contacts

      Stay in the loop with pre-travel notifications

      Contact your travel insurer and let them know if you are in need of assistance after an emergency event


All you need to do is claim your complimentary SOS Alerts Voucher and activate it!