To be able to access data on your device, you will first need to save the Chubb Connect SIM Data Setting and then turn Data Roaming On.

For iPhones

Step 1: Insert your Chubb SIM

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi

Step 3: Dial *172# and click on the link in the text message that you receive


For all other phones

Step 1: Insert your Chubb SIM.

Step 2: Dial *172# and click on the link in the text message that you receive 


For tablets and manual set up

iPhones and iPad: 

Settings > cellular/mobile > Cellular/mobile data networks and change the Cellular/mobile APN to: globaldata

Ensure globaldata is written as one word, all lower case. You can leave the username and the password blank.



To access data on a android phone or tablet you need to manually add an Access Point Name. You can locate this option under the settings > wireless and networks > mobile Networks > access point name


Create a new APN and type the following into the APN settings:


Name: globaldata

APN: globaldata

Username: (blank)

Password: (blank)


Save the new details and ensure they’re selected. 


Note: Regardless of how you have set up your data, you will still need to enable Data Roaming to be able to access the internet on your device


Important: When you do not wish to use data, we recommend that you turn data roaming OFF to avoid being charged for data using features such as emails, Whatsapp, app updates, etc.

When purchasing a Data Pack you will have the option to apply this Data Pack to a SIM immediately or to receive a voucher code. You can opt to receive a voucher code if you have not received your SIM yet or if you are not travelling within the next few days. 

Once you purchase the data pack you will receive an SMS and/or an email with the voucher details. You should keep your voucher number in a safe place as you can only apply this once. Note that this voucher is non-refundable. 

To apply this voucher: 

Step 1: Log in to your account online

Step 2: In the main account dashboard you will notice a box with your unallocated purchases.

Step 3: Select which type of voucher you have purchased from the options.

Step 4: You can now allocate that voucher to a SIM of your choosing.


Note: If you cannot see your unallocated purchases, please select the SIM that you wish to use your voucher on. You will see a “Data Pack” menu at the top of your ‘My Account’ area. You will then see a tab “Use Voucher”. Select the tab and paste in your Data Pack voucher code. 

Zones outline a selection of countries where a data pack can be used in. Data packs give you access to data at lower cost to using data at a pay-as-you-go rate. Not all countries have access to data and some countries may only have a pay-as-you-go rate. You will only be able to use your data pack in the countries that your zone allows. 

Note: If you roam outside of your zone you will be charged a normal pay as you go rate.

Step 1. To purchase and assign a Local Number to your Global SIM, you should log in to your account

Step 2. Select the SIM that you wish to purchase a Local Number for. Now select the Local Number tab and choose the Local Number that you want.

Step 3. Select the country that you wish to purchase this Local Number for and then select the type of phone number or it’s region.

Step 4. You will also need to enter the duration you wish to purchase this Local Number for. 

Step 5. You will receive an email confirming your purchase and your new Local Number. Remember to write this phone number down and share it with your friends and family.

Note: This Local Number will be applied immediately and your purchased duration will start from the day of purchase. If you are not departing for some time, you should purchase a Local Number closer to your departure date. 

Yes, once you have set up a local number you can call your carrier to forward your mobile to that number. To forward your calls, you will need to contact your usual local carrier for instructions. There will sometimes be charges associated with setting up mobile call forwarding by your usual local carrier.

For the lowest cost in mobile call forwarding, you have the option of setting up a Local Number and forwarding your mobile to it. You can set this up after logging in to your account. 

Once you have inserted your Chubb SIM, if you do not pick up a carrier after several minutes, your mobile device may be network locked. Please call your carrier to unlock the mobile device.

Alternatively, if your mobile device displays any of the following messages, your phone may be locked:
  • Network locked
  • No SIM inserted
  • SOS only
  • Activation Required
  • Select a Wi-Fi Network

Please call your carrier to unlock your mobile device.

If you have an iPhone, your mobile is most likely locked. You can check this by going to Settings > Phone > Scroll to bottom. If the last thing displayed on your Phone Settings is a carrier name, it is locked to that network.

Please contact your carrier directly and they will be able to assist you with unlocking your device. You will most likely be asked to provide an IMEI number, which can be obtained by dialing *#06# on your mobile. 

If you are with Telstra, please contact the Telstra Unlocking Centre at 1300 720 179, or call 125 8880 and follow the prompts.

If you are with Optus, please go to Customers with iPhone, please call 1300 075 395 and follow the instructions.

If you are with Vodafone, please go to or call Vodafone Customer Support on 1300 650 410.

Please note that your carrier may charge a fee for unlocking your handset and the unlocking time can vary. It is best to check if your phone is unlocked prior to your departure to avoid issues overseas. 

We have SIM cards that fit most of the phones available on the market.

However, as some foreign networks may run on different frequencies, you need to check whether your phone will be compatible specifically with the countries that you are travelling to (we recommend that you go through this step if you have an older/more basic phone).

In particular please contact the Support team if you are travelling to Japan or United States, as those countries require a newer handset due to their specific frequencies.

We recommend that you test your Chubb SIM before you depart by performing a test call. To make a free test call, you can dial *222# with your Chubb SIM inserted. 

Step 1. Insert your Chubb SIM
Step 2. Dial *222# and hit the call button
Step 3. Your phone will disconnect and will start ringing in a few seconds
Step 4. Answer the callback and you will hear a successful test call message
The data rates will depend on the country that you are travelling to. To view the full data rates please check the rates on our website. 

Please note that we do not support data in every country that we allow calls and texts. 

Data rates are displayed by per MB basis however, we will charge your account per 10KB to help reduce any credit wastage. 

You can also purchase data packs for your data needs, these will help you save even more. 

Your Chubb Connect SIM will continue to be active, as long as you do not leave it unused for more than 90 days.

This means that you must use your Chubb SIM at least once every 90 days to keep the SIM and credit active. 

Your Chubb Connect SIM will continue to be active, as long as you do not leave it unused for more than 90 days.

This means that you must use your Chubb SIM at least once every 90 days to keep the SIM and credit active. 

If you have more than one service on your Chubb Connect SIM account, you are able to pool your credit so that all devices linked to your account will share the same amount of credit. 

This means that you will only need to worry about topping-up one balance that all of your services can share. You can easily turn on/off the pool credit option online in your account. 

When you pool your credit to one main SIM, the balance on all of your other SIMs will show the balance of your main SIM. If your other SIM cards have individual balances of their own, this will not show in your account until you turn off credit pooling. 

Tip: To make the most our of your credit, make sure you transfer credit from your other SIM cards to one main SIM. This way you will be able to access all your credit and only need to top-up one number. 

Note: you will only be able to pool and un-pool your credit by logging into your account and not your individual SIM. 

You can top-up online, via phone or by setting up auto top-up.

Top up online by logging in to your online account and select add credit. 

To top-up over the phone, call *221# to reach our automatic top-up service.

To set up your account with our automatic top-up service, please log into your account. Once logged in, you will be able to nominate the amount you wish to automatically top up, designate a credit card and set the end date you wish for it to stop. 

We recommend that you activate and test the SIM in your device in before you depart.

When you receive your Chubb Connect SIM

Insert the SIM in your device and ensure that you are able to complete the test call by dialling *222#. After this step, re-insert your normal SIM until you depart.

This means that if you are experiencing any issues or your handset turns out to be network locked you have plenty of time to unlock the device or contact us for support.

After the SIM has been activated it will be active as long as you keep using the SIM once every 90 days. If you leave the SIM unused for more then 90 days it will automatically deactivate.

You will be receiving a new phone number with your Chubb Connect SIM. 

This number will always be a UK based number starting with +44. 

You will receive this number after you have finished activating your new SIM. 

This number will be sent to you in an email and also as a text message to your phone when you insert the Chubb SIM for the first time.

You can also retrieve this number at any time by doing the following:

  1. Insert the Chubb SIM into your phone 
  2. Dial *133#  
  3. Your Chubb SIM phone number will be displayed on your screen and also sent to you as a text.

If you would like to keep your existing number you have the option of setting up a Local Number and forwarding your mobile to it. You can set this up after logging in to your online account.

A Chubb connect SIM costs $19 AUD.

You can purchase your SIM online in our shop! 

You can order your Chubb Connect Global SIM online on our website.

Click on the BUY option on the main page to purchase a Chubb SIM card for your device.

Once ordered, we will dispatch you a Chubb SIM. You will need to activate the Chubb Connect SIM that you receive online before being able to use it.

Chubbl SIM is an international roaming SIM that will allow you to save while you stay connected overseas. 

The service is prepaid so you do not have to worry about a bill shock again.

This SIM is set to automatically connect to our strongest supported network in the country you are travelling to. This will ensure that you have the best connection possible at all times.

With cheap call, text and data rates you can feel safe knowing that you can stay in contact while travelling.